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One body cam for every 8 police operatives in Mérida

In a small ceremony, Mayor Renán Barrera Concha presented Mérida police with 50 wearable body cameras. The number of cameras is tiny, however, compared to...

Yucatán marijuana smugglers turn out to be National Guard

Mexico's National Guard has confirmed that four of its agents have been apprehended for traveling in a vehicle transporting marijuana.  The agents were allegedly found...

Dead body turns out to be inflatable sex doll

Police in Mérida were placed on high alert after being notified that a dead body had been found wrapped in plastic bags. However, what authorities found...

SSP sets roadblocks, fines 60 drivers found breaking curfew

Yucatán is enforcing its overnight curfew by hitting drivers in the wallet. It didn't take long for police to collect fines from offenders. The first...

Real estate fraud case ends in arrest of woman

A woman in Mérida has been arrested by police on real estate fraud charges. Authorities report that the woman identified only as “Citlali N” fraudulently...

Suspected drug-smugglers’ plane lands, burns on Yucatan Peninsula highway

Military officials found a drug-smugglers’ plane ablaze on a jungle road after it made an illegal landing when military aircraft started following it. The twin-engine...

Officer slain in gang attack was fired from SSP for role...

The Progreso police officer assassinated during a knife attack was fired by state police in 2011 after he was charged with gang robbery in...

Progreso policeman is slain in early-morning knife attack

Progreso, Yucatan — A municipal police officer died early Wednesday morning after being stabbed while working in his surveillance booth. The attack occurred around 2 a.m....

Policing coronavirus: No one travels without a good reason

Travel through Yucatan gets only more difficult after health officials announced the state's first two coronavirus deaths on Friday. Residents in Ciudad Caucel and Fracc....

Police officers suspended after firing tear gas at protestors

Merida, Yucatan — Three protestors were arrested and three policemen were suspended for using tear gas against the crowd on Sunday. An anti-taxation march aimed...

Police seize weapons and arrest 2 suspected drug traffickers in Motul

Motul, Yucatan — In a large counter-narcotics operation with heavily armed personnel, a private home was searched in the San Roque neighborhood. Two suspects...

Wedding shoot in Yucatan goes viral, gets cop fired

Accused of misusing public resources, a Tekax police commander has lost his job.

How police harassment discourages tourism in Yucatan

When police pull over drivers to collect bribes, the effect is chilling.

2 policemen disgraced after targeting foreign motorists for bribes

Two motorcycle cops, who were apparently stopping motorists between Hunucma and Sisal, have been fired and charged with extortion.

Merida police department has difficulty hiring qualified officers

Although there are vacancies in the municipal police department, hiring police officers is "quite difficult," said Chief Mario Arturo Romero Escalante.

Helicopter arrives to rescue 3 stranded adventurers

State police used a helicopter Wednesday in a search-and-rescue operation when two Canadians and an Australian were stranded in a nature preserve.

Police report decline in Centro graffiti

Commander Mario Arturo Romero Escalante credited intense police vigilance as he reported a drop in graffiti in the Centro Histórico.

Mérida police return wallet with 2,950 pesos

Mario Alejandro Estrella Ku must have thought he was out nearly 3,000 pesos for good when he lost his wallet at Calle 59 by 56.

11 Mérida police officers complete English lessons with ‘London House’

Eleven municipal police concluded a basic-English course taught in coordination with the Directorate of Economic Promotion and Tourism.

Progreso police demand overdue raises and overtime pay

Municipal police broke their silence and accused the municipal administration of withholding much-needed pay raises for three years.

Police get 2 more agile, clean-energy patrol cars

Municipal police have been handed keys to two more electric patrols cars, built for economy, the ecology and agility.

Cartoon stickers seized in dramatic copyright crackdown

Militarized authorities in camouflage were in full force Wednesday, not to seize drugs or arms, but apparently counterfeited "Gorditos Yucatecos."

Yucatan police to become among the best-paid in Mexico

The state's 4,000 police officers are getting 50-percent raises, and the attorney general's office is getting an infusion of new personnel.

‘CSI: Yucatán’ — officers here get formal training

The state attorney general today formally recognized a group of 60 forensic scientists and police officers who completed a training course in Crime Scene Investigation, a U.S.-Mexico collaboration under the Mérida Initiative.
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