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New series based on the life of Armando Manzanero in the...

News of the upcoming show was announced on the national television show "Ventaneando" by Juan Pablo Manzanero, the son of the late singer-songwriter.

‘House Hunters’ again in Merida, now with a single mom and...

A single mom takes her daughters to Merida in a new episode of "House Hunters International." Photo: HGTV

Groundbreaking telenovela features a young gay couple, ditching macho stereotypes

Aristoteles (Emilio Osorio) and Cuahutemoc or ‘Temo’ (Joaquin Bondoni) – first appeared on the Mexican soap “Mi Marido Tiene Mas Familia.”...

Avoiding haters on shows like ‘House Hunters International’

Photo: HGTV We saw it happen again. A young couple from the States goes on one of those...

Merida’s 10th ‘House Hunters International’ recap: Meet the Wiers

Jason and Meghan Wier are, as promised, parents who wanted their young kids to enjoy living in another country.

‘House Hunters International’ episode is HGTV’s 10th trip to Merida

The only thing we know about tonight's "House Hunters International" is that it's the franchise's 10th foray in Merida.

‘House Hunters International’ airs travel bloggers’ quest for home base in...

"Tommo and Megsy" search for a Centro rental for US$500. But she wants a pool and he wants his dream kitchen.

Todd and Allison head back to Mexico, still on the ‘Hunt’

Todd and Allison Nevins, who introduced countless television viewers to life in Mérida, are coming back to Mexico after two years in Texas.

Netflix raises rates for customers in Mexico

The streaming platform Netflix gets a little more expensive before October ends.

Chuburná Puerto on ‘Beachfront Bargain Hunt’

An episode of "Beachfront Bargain Hunt" will be called "Peace in Chuburná Puerto."

House Hunters International finally finds the beach

Yasmin Hurd and her "very Texan" husband, Webster Hurd II, share their story with "HHI," even depicting their former lives back in the U.S. before moving to Chelem.

After 300 days of shooting, BBC series celebrates ‘Wild Mexico’

From Mexico, television usually projects its gastronomy, its pre-Columbian glory and its colonial history. Less frequent are any mentions of Mexico's natural settings. That changes with an upcoming BBC production.

NatGeo reveals Yucatan’s hidden temple interiors

The NatGeo channel is sharing Yucatán's most ancient secrets with all of Mexico.

‘House Hunters International’ preview: Meet the Weavers

The couple from New Jersey has lived in many countries, but feel at home here. They are interested in opening a bed and breakfast in the Centro, and they bought a property to do just that.

7th Mérida-themed House Hunters episode airing soon in U.S.

A New Jersey couple with a $450,000 budget wants to start a bed-and-breakfast in Mérida. That's the plot line of a "House Hunters International" that airs next week.

Court date postponed, ‘Dance Mom’ to visit Mérida

"Dance Moms" star Abby Lee Miller will vacation in Mérida before facing possible jail time back home.

‘Top Chef’ in Yucatán, with a very Mayan challenge

One of Yucatán's most famous expats, Jeremiah Tower, was a surprise guest judge this week on "Top Chef," and taught contestants about Mayan cookery.

Phaseout of analog TV begins

The era of digital television has come to Yucatán almost a year ahead of a federal deadline.