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Free-for-all after soda truck overturns on Mérida-Cancun highway

A Coca-Cola trucks spills its cargo on the Mérida-Cancun highway, and its contents were quickly scooped up by others. Photo: Diario...

SSP sets roadblocks, fines 60 drivers found breaking curfew

State police are enforcing an overnight curfew in Yucatán. Photo: Sipse Yucatán is enforcing its overnight curfew by...

The dangerous pattern emerging on the Mérida-Cancún toll highway

Serious accidents on the Mérida-Cancún toll highway have become a common occurrence. Photo: File In the early hours...

60% of controversial Prolongacíon tunnel thought to be salvageable

The future of a controversial underpass in Mérida is in doubt after being plagued by floods for much of 2020. Photo:...

Mérida considers the future of its controversial underwater underpass

The future of a nine-year-old highway underpass in Mérida is in doubt after being plagued by floods. As of Wednesday, once...

Periférico is 5th deadliest highway in Mexico, new study claims

Merida’s Periférico is one of the most dangerous roads in Mexico. Photo: La Jornada Maya The ring road...

Tetiz highway project to make Caucel junction safer

The Avenida 70 overpass on the Mérida-Tetiz highway, near Ciudad Caucel, will ease traffic generated by the industrial park. Photo: Courtesy

Motorcyclist dies hitting memorial for an earlier fatal crash

A man on Dzilam González-Buctzotz road died when he crashed his motorcycle into a memorial niche built on the roadside for...

Coronavirus patients resist contact tracing, Yucatan governor complains

Warning that the coronavirus will be part of our lives into 2021, Yucatan Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal...

Merida tests out 3D crosswalk to slow down traffic

Merida is testing out 3-D pedestrian crossings to get the attention of drivers. Photo: WhatsApp That crosswalk on...

Flooded Prolongación underpass will take weeks to fix

Tropical Storm Cristobal flooded the Prolongacíon de Paseo Montejo underpass and nearly a week later no one has fixed the problem.

Repaving will require lane closures on the Prolongación

Merida, Yucatan — If you're driving from the Centro to the new Chapur right now, there'd better...

Repaving on Mérida-Progreso highway to snarl traffic for the next 55...

The state highway department is preparing for 55 days of road work on the Mérida-Progreso highway.

Section of Merida-Chetumal highway to be modernized

Work continues on the Merida-Chetumal highway. Photo: Courtesy The rough edges of a four-hour drive to Chetumal are...

Periferico speed limits are too high, says safety analyst

Merida's Periferico has posted unsafe speed limits, says a road analyst. Photo: Sipse Merida, Yucatan — Speed limits...

Traffic accidents: 57 deaths so far this year in Yucatan

For years, the statistic has pretty much held at one traffic death every day and-a-half.

Road improvements ease trips between Science Park and coast

A modernized road connecting Chuburná Puerto with remote Sierra Papacal and the science park was completed ahead of schedule and opened ceremoniously over the weekend.

LED fixtures to replace 4,000 old Periférico street lamps

Seeing on the ring road at night will soon be a little easier. 

Circuito Sur frees 100,000 isolated residents from long commutes

After decades of being separated from the north, a large section of the city can now access Circuito Sur.

Truckers protest increase in highway tolls

Tolls rose for at least the second consecutive year on the Mérida-Cancun highway, and truckers are feeling the pinch. 

Work begins on modern road between Chuburná and Science Park

Several localities south of Chuburná Puerto will be less isolated with a new road project that began Monday.

Road work expected to snarl traffic starting Monday

Road work begins Monday at the Progreso exit on the Periférico. 

Residents slow to report potholes, despite web page, hotline and app

It's not easy for the city to keep up with potholes, which appear even more frequently in rainy weather.

Farewell to the rollercoaster exit to Progreso

Adding lanes and flattening the stomach-churning dip on an overpass will cost 200 million pesos overall.